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Sometimes I feel like my days are insignificant. Like yesterday for instance. I stayed home all day. I had to watch my grandpa and sometimes that is really boring. He doesn’t do much but sleep and…I can’t really leave him alone too long so I end up just sitting around reading or painting or whatever. Yesterday, however, the first thing he said to me was that no one ever lets him do anything! He was quite upset about that, so I asked him what he would like to do. “Nothing”. Ok, well this is why no one ever lets you do anything…

So, I decided to cook. First I gave him a few cookbooks to read. He loves to read them cover to cover (just like me). Then, I made him chop onions. We made gluten-free French Onion Soup. Then gluten-free mocha cupcakes. Oh and twice baked potatoes. AND gluten-free chicken marsala. Lets hope he felt like he did SOMETHING!

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