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An open letter to the man sitting next to me on my flight today:

You were an older gentleman. Maybe in your 60’s. You had a huge binder with a cover title Christian Apologetics Teachers College. The smaller print said “Building an army of Christian Educators”. You were not a large man but you spread out so that I could not sit back in my seat without leaning on your shoulder and arm. When the plane got up on the air you pulled down your tray table and opened your binder out halfway covering up my space. When the woman came by with snacks you rudely waved her away without looking at her or acknowledging her. When the drinks came you asked for Dr Pepper. She opened a diet Dr Pepper (on mistake) and you yelled at her. When she couldn’t find a regular Dr Pepper you loudly expressed your annoyance and said “I guess just give me juice mixed with sprite” and then proceeded to tell her how to mix your drink. (this is not a cocktail bar).

I was still huddled up against the plane wall as you were taking up so much space I couldn’t sit back in my chair. For an entire three hour flight this is how I sat. I had to ask you to move your things so I could put my tray table down when I got a beverage.  I made sure to loudly thank the kind woman after you had treated her so abominably.

I would just like to say that as a Christian, I am annoyed with your behavior in every aspect on this flight. But I am also thankful that you sat next to me because had you sat down next to someone who did not know Jesus and acted the same way with your bible notes spread out for all to see, I am scared to think how much damage you could have done. No wonder people despise Christians. No wonder we are given such a bad name. I urge you to think about your attitude, the comfort of others, and your general behavior in the future. You never know who is watching. I also suggest you find a better Bible college. One that teaches you first how to love others and treat them with respect. Until you can learn these basics, presented by Jesus as one of the GREATEST commandments (Love your neighbor as yourself), I hope you don’t begin teaching others about how to be a “Christian”.


The woman sitting in 9A

P.s. to the person in front of me listening to music without headphones… rude